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今天在SEO Black Hat博客里看到MSN正在招聘人工调整搜索结果的员工:

Hand crafted results
When all else fails, and the ranking algorithms do not pass the confidence threshold, we fall back to delivering handcrafted results. Working on a team of approximately 132 other handcrafters in 26 worldwide markets, you will receive a user query, use all the available search engines to quickly scour the web for results, pick the top 10 results for this query, and send it on to the user. Successful handcrafters can typically find top 10 results for a real-time user’s query in less than 3.8 seconds. This is an opportunity to truly connect with customers, because the queries that get routed to you are precisely the ones that the engine cannot answer well. We will have adequate staffing to allow generous coffee and bathroom breaks.
If you are an expert at using at least 3 different search engines, well versed with American English/colloquial usage, and can type at > 149 words/minute as measured by the Simia-Lico method – come join us and delight users real-time!




有意思的是,这段招聘广告暗示的是这种人工选择是接近于实时进行的,在3.8秒内选好10个结果返回给用户。SEO Black Hat猜测,每一个搜索有可能传递给一组人员同时进行选择,同时进行评分。当分数超过某一个数值的结果凑足10个的时候,就返回搜索结果。


另外顺便说一句,SEO Black Hat博客经常回发表一些有意思的黑帽SEO技术,我自己会介绍的很少,但是如果读者感兴趣可以自己去看一下。